Joint Seminar of Political Parties, Organizations in European Region

A joint seminar on the struggle of the Workers’ Party of Korea for building a socialist powerful nation was held ...

Partidul Național Socialist

Socialismul este o stiinta Există o a doua Statuie a Libertăţii pe Terra, învingătoare! “Statuia libertăţii Europei de Est, adică ...

Seminare in Bucuresti

A avut loc seminare in Bucuresti, organizate de comitetului Naţional Român de Studiu al Ideologiei Juche.
Juche Idea

Juche Idea

1. Characteristics of Juche Idea 2. Man Decides Everything 3. Man Is Master of Everything


1. Agitation Activities Encourage Campaign for Recovery from Damage 2. Application of Scientific Methods to Anti-Epidemic Work Brisk in DPRK ...
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Monumental Edifices in the DPR of Korea

Grand monuments in the DPR of Korea which demonstrate indomitable spirit and ingenuity of Juche Korea
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Daily Life of Korean People

Korean people enjoy happy life in the newly built cultural resting places such as the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort, Masikryong ...


1. On the funding and development of the worker’s party of Korea 2. The Juche Philosophy is an original revolutionary ...